Enrolment Zone

In order to keep control of the size and rate of growth of the school, Woodend Primary School is zoned. Any student living within the zone has a right to attend the school. For more information about how enrolment zones created by the Department for Education and Child Development work, click here. To check if you live in our zone, click here.

Transition to school

Transition to school is about how the adults in children's lives, at home, at preschool and at school work in partnership to understand and respond to the child's needs. This is much more than a series of transition visits to the school. Transition will therefore start sometime in the year before the child starts school and continue through the first year of schooling.

Orientation Visits to School

Orientation visits happen in a number of ways. Children from Woodend Children's Centre and Trott Park PreSchool come to our school with preschool staff for visits throughout the year. On those occasions they may visit a class or use some of our facilities.
For children from other preschools or children with specific needs, individual or group visits may be arranged, in consultation with the preschool director and the school principal. Such orientation visits may also be appropriate to support the transition of students from another school.
We also arrange two formal visits on the last two Wednesdays of the term before the child is due to start school. These visits are each for a morning and, most often, the children are placed in their class groups, in the classroom they will be in, with the teacher they will have. On the first of the visits parents meet with the principal followed by a meeting with the class teacher (if possible).

Local Preschools

Trott Park Preschool

Woodend Children's Centre