History of our school before 1995.

In 1896, the land that would eventually become the Woodend housing estate, was bought by Jesse Lemon for one thousand eight hundred and nine pounds. His grandson, John Lemon farmed this land and called it Woodend after the name of Charles Tank's historic property near Hallet Cove. It had been worked as a grazing and farming property until 1967. Descendants of the Lemon's were and are inaugural students at Woodend School.
The Woodend housing estate began in 1985 when the Hickinbotham Group purchased 56 acres from the Land Commission with a further 150 acres purchased a year later. In 1986 the first of many discussions were held between the Hickinbotham Group and the Education Department about the need for a new school and kindergarten. After vigorous lobbying by families and residents the kindergarten and shopping centre was established in 1992 with the school opening on May 21st 1995.
Lyne George

Timeline 1985 to 1993

Woodend Estate

Woodend is an historic Reynella name. Originally it was the name of Charle's Tanks property near Hallet Cove. John Lemon farmed the subject land and called it Woodend.
The land was purchased in 1896 for 1809 pounds by John Lemon's grandfather Jesse Lemon. It has been worked as a grazing and farming property until as recently as 1967.
Many of the streets have been named after local identities.