Timeline for Construction @
Woodend Primary School

compiled by J Cullen 2013



Plans submitted to council for school.
Parent committee formed.
Principal and teachers appointed.
December students met teachers for the following year.



School established at Sheidow Park School for the first term.
Students picked up by a school bus in front of the shopping centre each morning and bussed to Sheidow Park School.
Building commenced at the beginning of the year and was ready for second term.
Buildings built were Rooms 1 -6.
Administration building which contained principal office, deputy office, staff room, school office, sick room and library. Open shelter shed outside the library and canteen.
Playground outside canteen built , children carried all the bark by buckets to put around the playground during the afternoon.
Opening ceremony May 1995. All students attended ceremony along with invited guests and parents. School was opened by the then Premier Mr Dean Brown. TV coverage on the news as the school was the first privately owned public school.



First birthday celebration.
Rooms 7,8,9 and 10 were built and ready for classes by the fourth term 96.
Two Year 6,7 classes were housed in the shopping centre during the first three terms.



No major constructions. Photos show oval with no sheds etc



Shelter shed enclosed to form a hall. Hall opened 3rd term, Opening ceremony all classes attended.
Transportable building arrived and put down at the end of the street. (where the garden is now)



Orange transportable building arrived and was rebuilt. (building had been damaged in a fire at its previous school. Included two classrooms and an arts room.



5th birthday celebrations.



Plans put to community to build a tavern in the shopping centre. Huge public outcry, Education department bought the property and plans to expand the school began.



Shopping centre refurbished as the atrium area, admin and hall. Opened in November.
The original admin area and staffroom were changed to computer room, teacher resources, and special learning areas.



Japanese garden established
First structural Year 7 memento painted around the canteen door.
Mr Marshall appointed to school as the principal beginning following year.



Possum Magic's 21st birthday. Whole school celebrations.
Themed Gardens for street houses planted
Year 7 memento Painting in the gym.



10th birthday celebrations. Mrs Woollard first principal invited to celebrations.
Sandpit constructed.
First year of the Premier’s Reading Challenge.
Time capsule made.
Year 7 memento mosaics.



Wetlands constructed behind Rooms 7,8,9, and 10. Parent working bee weekend and then planting during the school day.
Leadership met the then Prime Minister Mr John Howard.
Year 7 memento murals.



Tanks delivered and installed behind the street gardens, used to save water by flushing the toilets.
Year 7 memento soccer ball and film strip murals.



Decks in the street begun

Year 7 memento hebel blocks.



Kitchen garden created,
Kitchen installed.

Decks installed,
Year 7 memento Mosaic table tops.



New building built. Classrooms, 27 - 32 including the computer room.
Staffroom redeveloped. Glasshouse built,
Shed by oval path.
memento fences along the back of kitchen garden.



Official opening of new building

Year 7 memento purple pots and aliens in kitchen garden.



Year 7 memento Whale and castle



Year 7 memento Atrium soft sculptures



Year 7 memento Makeover of the Glasshouse



 20th Birthday year

Biodiversity and Nature Play Project