It is important that students develop habits of regular attendance as this enables them to maximise their educational opportunities and to actively participate in their learning. Regular attendance helps students connect and build on their prior learning more effectively. It helps them develop productive and positive relationships with peers and teachers and minimises learning gaps, which are often extremely difficult to close.

School Days

Students should arrive after 8:30am for a 8:55am start. School finishes at 3:05pm.

Students should not be on school grounds unsupervised before 8:30am or after 3:20 pm. For supervision after school hours, please enquire with our OSHC staff. 

Arriving Late or Leaving Early

When arriving after 8:55am or leaving before 3:05pm, students are required to sign in or out via our Attendance Kiosk, located at the Admin Front desk. For late arrivals, please supply the class teacher with a late arrival receipt. 


Please communicate all student absences as soon as possible. Our contact details are at the bottom of our website. Our Student Absence mobile number is a text only service. To speak to our Admin staff, please call our landline.

Unexplained absences will be followed up via text after 9:00am each school day. This is an automated service which draws information from Class Rolls performed by teachers each school day. If you receive a text which you believe is inaccurate, please contact our Admin staff to clarify.

Illness Related Absences

Please inform the school as soon as possible if a student is going to be absent due to illness and advise the class teacher or admin staff of appointments in advance, where possible.

If a student is absent from school for more than 3 days a doctor’s certificate is required. All absences need to
be explained by the parent / caregiver and recorded by the class teacher on the attendance roll.

When a child has something contagious, an exclusion period may be prescribed. Recommended exclusion periods are based on the time that a person with a specific disease or condition might be infectious to others. 

Extended Absences

Please communicate all non-illness related extended absences with class teachers with as much notice as possible.