Lunch Orders

The school canteen is adjacent to the Woollard Hall and is a health-promoting canteen. The canteen relies very much on the generous support of volunteers.

In accordance with the Eat Well SA Healthy Eating Guidelines, the canteen provides nutritious lunch for students and staff. A small range of nutritious snacks is available at recess and lunchtime. A core of senior students are trained as Canteen Assistants and in small teams are roster on to support the over the counter sales at recess and lunch time..

Lunch Order Procedure

Lunch bags are available from the canteen at a cost of 10 for 30 cents and a price list is on display in each classroom. Updates will be sent home twice each year.

Lunch order bags with money are collected in each classroom and taken to the canteen by 9.30am

Lunches are ready for collection by student monitors at 12.50pm. Please collect promptly to ensure food remains hot.

It is the responsibility of teachers to notify the canteen at least one week prior to any event, which may affect class orders, such as excursions or class parties.

Special whole school lunches (eg sausage sizzle) occur once a term.

Procedures for induction of volunteers and new staff are currently being reviewed.