School Rules

Whole School Rules

Respect the right of others to learn, to work and to play. This means:
• speak and behave in a polite manner to all adults and children in our school (no physical, verbal, sexual or racial harassment)
• play cooperatively and safely
• think about how your behaviour is affecting others
• listen to and respond quickly and politely to instructions and directions by adults who work at the school.

Play and move safely around the school at all times. This means:
• walk around corners, down steps and in walking areas
• keep within the school boundaries
• follow the rules of the area you are in
• wear hats outdoors when UV is above 2.

Care for all school property, the property of others and the school environment. This means:
• use equipment properly
• put all rubbish in the bin
• look after all garden areas
• report vandalism and unsafe things to a teacher.

Rules of Specific Areas

• No food/drink to be taken onto oval.
• Cricket, soccer football, frisbees are only allowed on the oval, no other areas. No rough play, no play fighting, no tackling in football games.
• Tennis balls/kanga cricket balls acceptable - no hard cricket balls.
• Playground Equipment and front half of oval open before school.

Basketball Court
• Students to sit while eating or drinking.
• Limited ball play (no footballs, cricket games).
• Paddle tennis, hand tennis acceptable.
• No frisbees.
• Running and running games to be played only on the basketball court

Gym & Hall
• Only students with gym / hall passes- no students watching.
• Gym passes are kept in the terrace duty bag
• Hall passes are kept in the middle yard duty bag
• Passes to be returned to the teacher on duty in the area at the end of play. Students only allowed in the atrium under supervision of class teacher.
• No footballs/cricket/soccer balls. No running games.
• Skipping ropes acceptable.
• Furniture (including drama blocks) not to be moved or played on. No food allowed.

Middle Yard Play Ground
• No food/drink on playground. No running or chasey games.
• Slippery dips - facing forward and going down only.
• Monkey bars - stay off top, travel in South to North direction only. Stay off cubby roofs.
• Middle yard not open before school

Terrace/ Netball Court/Play Equipment
• Available for all games before school.
• No students inside building without permission.
• Hand Tennis/ Ball games/ Skipping/ Quiet games/ Ropes are encouraged, not running games or chasey around buildings.
• No sitting on steps, wall or ramp, or climbing on hand rails or walls. Office entrance is not a play area.
• No food/drink on playground.
• No running or chasey games on the equipment.
• Slippery dips - facing forward and going down only.
• Stay off cubby roofs and the tops of the blue tunnels.
• Bike area behind terrace buildings is out of bounds during school hours.

• No student unless adult present. Library office is out of bounds. No eating or drinking.

• Inside classrooms out of bounds unless permission given or accompanied by a teacher.
• Students access areas of play by walking on pathways.
• Ramps outside Room 11 and behind Rooms 1-6 is out of bounds. Quiet play with no balls on deck areas.