Social Media


Woodend Primary School understands that it is important to adapt to changing methods of communication. Our School has policies and procedures that address appropriate use of Social Media for staff and students. As part of the school community, parents of Woodend Primary School also have a responsibility to engage appropriately with Social Media that is linked to the school. To this end, Woodend Primary School has developed the following guidelines to provide direction for parents when using social media.

Woodend Primary School encourages parents to set and maintain high ethical standards in their use of social networking. We ask that you be respectful of the opinions of others. Your posts and comments should help build and support the school community. Your online behaviour should reflect the same standards of honesty, respect, and consideration that you use face-to-face, and be in accordance with the respectful nature of our school community.

Remember your role as a model for good digital citizenship to your children..


The purpose of Woodend Primary School using social media is to:

• Provide up to date information that is useful for parents and caregivers about current and upcoming events;
• Share and communicate stories, current events, news and achievements with the community;
• Engage with community members, potential members and other stakeholders providing useful information and resources;
• Enhance communications with community members and others, building positive and respectful relationships.


The Woodend Primary School Social Media Usage Policy will:

• Inform students, staff and volunteers of regulations relating to social media use at Woodend Primary School;
• Promote respectful relationships;
• Ensure the highest level of duty of care for all staff and students.

Individual Accountability

Woodend Primary School parents/caregivers are personally responsible for the content that they post, share and respond to online. When posting online, all information is considered representative of your views and opinions and not those of Woodend Primary School.

Confidential Information

Online postings and conversations are not private. Do not share confidential information, internal school discussions, or specific information about students, staff or other parents.

Staff-Parent Communication

We recognise that communication between school and home is important and that social media is a tool for this. It is also important to remember that this does not mean that school staff will be available after hours. Staff will respond to any communication as practicable and within 48 hours.

Guidelines for Acceptable Behaviour on Social Networks


When posting, even on the strictest settings, parents should act on the assumption that all postings are in the public domain.

School Values

Woodend Primary School encourages parents to set and maintain high ethical standards in their use of social networking. Staff, parents, and students reflect a diverse set of customs, values and points of view. Be respectful of the opinions of others in your posts or comments. Under no circumstances should offensive comments be made about students, parents, staff or the School in general. Your posts and comments should help build and support a positive school community. Do not comment on or forward unsupported information, e.g. rumours.

Inappropriate Content

Even though you are of legal age, consider carefully what you post through comments and photos regarding alcohol and other age-restricted activities. Do not use ethnic slurs, innuendos or any other inappropriate content. Do not use profane or threatening language.

Complaints and Concerns

The School will always try to deal with concerns raised by parents in a professional and timely manner. All concerns and complaints should be raised via email, through the front office or with a staff member directly. Concerns and complaints should not be made through social media.


Social media posts and comments that do not meet the requirements set in this policy will be removed from school school social media spaces. Users that continue to post content that does not meet these standards may be removed from school social media spaces at the discretion of the principal.


Due to the ever-changing nature of the social media world, it is recommended that this policy be reviewed at least every two years.


For the purposes of this policy, social media refers to all social networking sites, services and tools used for creating, publishing, sharing and discussing information.

Social Media

Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Social Networking

The use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to ones’ own.

Social media applications or websites relevant to a school context include but are not limited to: Facebook, Google Classroom, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, instant messaging, Youtube, forums, message boards and all blog or wiki sites.

‘Staff’ refers to any person employed in any capacity by Woodend Primary School.

‘School’ or ‘the school’ refers to Woodend Primary School.